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Livestreaming content platforms are different because they are interactive. Imagine being able to talk to the characters of your favorite television show in realtime as events unfold. Imagine being able to tell your sports idol what you really think when they trip up. Imagine being able to have them answer you. That is the power of livestreamed content creation. Influencer marketing is now a two-way conversation and with our influencer marketing network and adtech solution, your brand can become part of that conversation.

Fully Managed Ad Delivery

Our team will help you from Insertion Order to Campaign Performance Retrospective. We'll gather the details that we need and configure your campaign based on your budget, messaging, and ideal audience. From there, our platform handles delivery and reporting and you enjoy the benefits of reaching a brand new audience.

Multi-channel audiences

Our Streaming Influencer Network boasts a best-in-class advertising delivery platform that helps brands reach the audiences of small-to-mid sized streamers while allowing content creators to monetize their content in less intrusive ways. We do this by intelligently, and automatically placing ads across our network where they'll have the most sets of eyes.

Transparent Budgeting

This is an advertising network with standard non-variable CPMs. You're here to buy impressions. Check out our transparent pricing page for more details about standard campaign values and impression volumes.

Simple Ad Formats

Chat placements are delivered via an automated chatbot on a regular cadence throughout the campaign. A call-to-action, accompanied by a campaign specific trackable URL can be dropped right into the action in the livestream’s chat. This gives the interactive audience a direct path into your conversion funnels.

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