Personal Branding 101: How to Create Your Personal Streamer Brand

A Guide for People Who Have Never Thought About Branding

So you’re new to streaming. But after a couple of dozen streams, with a handful of viewers at best (all friends who dropped in by accident), you’ve realized that what you have come here to do just isn’t working out. When you’re live you want more people to watch you — but how do you make that happen? It doesn't matter what you do on your stream, whether it’s playing your favorite game or reading from a book out loud to chat, you can have an audience. What you may be missing is a personal brand. So, what’s a personal brand? It’s not just a way to reach and retain viewers. It's a way to make you look more legitimate to attract and retain new followers. Here are some starting points to get you rolling on creating a personal brand.

  • Stream what you love. Seriously, do something that makes you feel good and that you’re excited about. Your Twitch, Mixer, Facebook, or YouTube audience will be able to tell if you’re less than engaged. This is also what you’ll build your channel around, so make it something you actually want to do.

  • Establish your target audience Remember, you can’t appeal to everyone. If you’re doing something specific to a culture or a game, tailor your brand persona to that culture. Incorporate elements that your target audience will be familiar with while coming up with ways to make it uniquely you.

  • Set yourself apart on stream Every detail counts: from your username to what you’re wearing on camera. Consider adding custom overlays and panels to your channel, or even trademark traits and quirks to your on-stream activities. These are all little hooks for the audience to remember you by.

  • Build your personality Being visually interesting will accomplish nothing if you don’t have an equally memorable personality. If you interact with your audience (and you should) they want to know they’re interacting with a real person, not a robot. That said, try and stay true to yourself and be consistent. It is very easy to see through a poser gamer facade.

  • Start small & test EVERYTHING! While it’s a good idea to define your personal brand strategically, leave some room to allow your audience to guide your brand. Start small, and see what works. Ultimately, your personal brand will be whatever you feel comfortable and confident in projecting. Try different logos, overlays, panels, and compare your average concurrent viewers and follower per hour rates to see what works

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